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Gtera Broadband Wireless is a privately held technology company focused in design, development, and marketing of innovative wireless broadband solution. Gtera Broadband Wireless provides tri-play access services through traditional wireless technology, with our head office Uyo, Akwa Ibom state. Our fixed and mobile wireless network utilizes unified technology making it easy for subscribers to roaming access across all our network coverage centers.

Gtera Broadband Wireless is a leading IT company that provides Wireless Internet Services through an affordable, innovative and efficient technology poised to solving the only problem of today’s under-utilized internet status of our dear nation due to high data cost and less “Internet of things” driven products which makes her second to none among her competitors in the telecommunication industry.

Our core mission is to use the Internet (as an access) to delivering tri-play products like IPTV, Wi-Fi-calling (VoIP), AdWi-Fi (Wi-Fi marketing), Learning management system (LMS), Data-hi (Online flash), and many “Internet of things” products using traditional means of connection known as Wi-Fi. Gtera Broadband Wireless was borne from the zeal of two entrepreneurs, who saw the need to solve the internet connectivity problem. Getting fast and reliable internet service has always been a major challenge in Nigeria, so we developed a model to solve the problem. Our model is simple but strategically designed to suit the needs of data users. Our wireless service solutions are built and designed to connect a minimum of four million persons. So, to all startups, businesses and individuals just connect, surf and smile because fast just became GTERA BROADBAND.


41 Ikpa Road                     
Uyo, Akwa Ibom State 


Phone: +234 803 945 2545                     


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