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Enterprise BroadBand Services

This is High Speed Broadband Internet that is brought to your home or office through wireless access radio technology, commonly known as Wireless to the Home(WTTH). 

Our Enterprise Broadband BST deploys state of art access features such as Wireless capacity of upto 500Mbps with 2×2 / 3×3 MIMO and interference mitigation techniques to deliver high speed internet connectivity to your homeand office.

Our engineer will install a radio equipment outside your home, known as outdoor unit (ODU), that will connect to the nearest base station of Superfast wireless and a dual band wireless router is included in the set up to provide WiFi inside your home/office so that you can enjoy the best Wi-Fi technology.

Dedicated solution

Gtera Broadband Dedicated Internet Access solution helps our customers consolidate the management of their dedicated broadband Internet access with world-class reliability and performance, scalability and security at the delivery of 99.5% service uptime. We constantly monitor your Internet access and provide enhanced security features to help protect your valuable network resources.

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